Crowd Reader Enables organisations to gain insights from their free text data by quickly and accurately telling them what potential and existing customers are saying. We focus on genuine and immediate, human centric outcomes that drive measurable value.

The Problem

Whilst we are physically in the 21st Century, often our market research strategies are not. We find ourselves using out of date data sets, old survey results, and relying on forced customer feedback to help us form consumer opinions.

Data Size:

We are collecting more data than ever. So often, this data is all sitting in separate silo’s, like Social Media, Data Warehouses, or CRM Platforms, that are not intuitive in providing simple interpretations and outputs.

Focus Groups:

Focus groups are small samples. Often unreliable, costly, and can take 6 months from collection to implementation. In a rapid changing technological world, we need comprehensive data, from more sources, in real time.

Gut Feel:

We all think we know own consumer, however ‘gut feel’ only takes us so far. We need to know what the consumer is thinking, how strong they are feeling about it, and why.

The Solution

We provide real time data, 24/7 from over 5000 media resources, your internal data sets, or any other data sources that’s applicable to your business.

There is no limit on the number of sources or information that our AI Crowd Reader Brain can interpret.

We group key words and sentiments/trends. Everyone uses different words for ‘things’ and the power of our AI is to automatically pull they key areas together, for simple and easy analysis.

Following trends as they arise, adapt, and amend your marketing, brand, and operational activities as you go.

Develop New Products

Use real time insights to ensure your product, membership or experience is relevant to your target audience.

Create Relevant Marketing Campaigns

Understand what your marketing is thinking or saying and adapt your campaign accordingly.

Future Proof your Business

So you can adapt programs and products on the go using live customer insights.

Create a Competitive Edge

Make sure you can exploit opportunities and gaps in the market that ensures you have a competitive edge.

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