In this day and age, businesses are drowning in data. So often, this data is all sitting in separate silo’s, like Social Media, Data Warehouses, or CRM Platforms, that are not intuitive in providing simple interpretations and outputs. Crowd Reader adopts a 360Deg approach, collecting, collating, spinning, and interpreting data for a whole host of data sets.


Crowd Reader pulls information from an array of free-range text services.  Analyse this based on the median or aggregate collectively.

Social Media

Provide a deep dive into social media to understand and analyse the broader sentiment and emotional intensity of a given situation or product. This differentiates from other products which purely provide a snapshot of who is talking about a brand or product.

Major Media

Analysis from over 5000 global feeds; larger than any competitor in the market. This doesn’t just include The Herald, or The Telegraph but also more bespoke magazines.


We input all of the data from your surveys. We then use the same applications/ principals as we do via social media to understand sentiment and emotional intensity of different situations. 

Sign Up/Registration

Many organisations collect feedback when you register to become a member. We input this data and aggregate sentiment alongside other sources.

Customer Service

Many companies now have ‘chatbots’, custom questions collected over the phone or online and this feedback is crucial to understand. Overlaying this with social media sentiment is critical to the bigger picture.

Taking 360 Degree's into the next dimension.

So, you should have gotten the hint by now, that Crowd Reader can integrate into any or all data outputs. But what about the different criteria and levels of analysis it can perform this on? We’ve got that covered too?

Crowd Reader can provide one simplified dataset or a range of different informative and meaningful datasets in hierarchical models. This means, we can provide data on the simplest of case studies (your consumers) all the way through to Partnerships and even your Brand and its sentiment.

The Brand

The Partnerships

The Media

The Consumer

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