There are hundreds of sources of data that the every day average Joe can track, analyse, and utilise to improve their business. But, what about the thousands of other sources in which we are inherently unable to track? No Crowd Reader. 

Crowd Reader enables you to pull, analyse and utilise data from channels and sources typically to hard to obtain or collate.


Crowd Reader analyses from over 5,000 global feeds; larger than any competitor in the market. This doesn’t just include The Herald, or The Telegraph but also more bespoke magazines, online and traditional print sources. 

What can your business achieve when it comes to Media and Digital Monitoring through Crowd Reader.

    • What is the general media’s sentiment towards your brand?

    • Monitor the impact of advertising spend in real-time.

    • What are people’s perception on the industry?

    • Continually poll the wider community to pick up on shifts in thinking and emotional attributes relevant to your business.

    • Listen to the market and understand the strengths and weaknesses

    • Listen to the response when changes are introduced locally, statewide, and nationally.

    • Combine feedback data and survey data with local data.

    • Major Campaign/ Event Success

    • Listen to the response for each marketing campaign

Other Services

We’re not limited to these, however. Give us a call to talk through your business’s needs.

Marketing and Brand Success

Blow open the doors on discovering what people are actually thinking about your brand, your business, your marketing campaign.

Consumer Sentiment

Pick up on shifts in thinking and emotional attributes relevant to your business and industry. 

Partnership Analysis 

Accurately understand the successes or otherwise of their partnerships.

Product Development Analysis

Let Crowd Reader compile the market research for a new or revamped product/service offering. 

In the Workplace

Increase employee satisfaction, employee sentiment, business activity and business goal attainment.

Our Clients Include

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