Employee culture – one of the most important aspects to a successful business. We, as a society spend billions of dollars every year on implementing, monitoring, and adapting initiatives that we think will bring about positive, inclusive, and thriving workplace cultures. The success or otherwise of these, is measured through churn, retention, and attrition rates, as well as staff feedback surveys. All traditional methods, that work to a degree. But too often finding out through these methods is too late – staff are already disengaged, carry negativity, or possess resentment to their job or employer. Not with Crowd Reader.


Through Crowd Reader, medium to large companies are able to dive deep into the employee culture, assessing their initiative successes or failures, we as well measuring the underlying, often unspoken opinions and thoughts employees have towards their employer. We achieve this through our AI Technology, whereby we are able to scan for sentiment, tones of wording or phrases, and overlay this with quantitative and qualitative data to provide multilayered, vital information.


The benefit, massively reduced costs in staff turnover, increased employee satisfaction, increased employee sentiment, increased business activity and business goal attainment.

What can your business achieve when it comes to Workplace Engagement and Success through Crowd Reader.

    • Listening to the employee market

    • Access Employee Empathy and Engagements

    • Assess Employee Culture Customer Outcomes

    • Product and Service engagement CSR/Company Culture initiatives

    • Enables employee like thinking; focusing on needs, not wants.


Other Services

We’re not limited to these, however. Give us a call to talk through your business’s needs.

Marketing and Brand Success

Blow open the doors on discovering what people are actually thinking about your brand, your business, your marketing campaign.

Consumer Sentiment

Pick up on shifts in thinking and emotional attributes relevant to your business and industry. 

Partnership Analysis 

Accurately understand the successes or otherwise of their partnerships.

Media & Digital Monitoring 

Analysis from over 5000 global feeds; larger than any competitor in the market.

Product Development Analysis

Let Crowd Reader compile the market research for a new or revamped product/service offering. 

Our Clients Include

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