Deliver consistently great events

Find out what makes an event good or bad for your fans, and use this to deliver better events in the future.

Make better funding decisions

Understand the impact of specific events, athletes and sports, and use this to inform funding and development decisions.

Understand athletes’ reputations

Learn about the positive and negative impact of incidents on the reputations of athletes and sports.

Know how your fans really feel

Discover what your fan base is thinking in real-time so you can respond in a timely and empathetic way.

Develop new sporting events

Use real-time insights to create sporting events that you know appeal to your audience.

Focus on your fan base

With up-to-date, accurate data, develop targeted campaigns and events for your crowd.

Maximise future potential

Adapt events, products and programs to suit your audience with live insights.

Inform and educate stakeholders

Structure board reports, marketing pans, and membership drives with visual reports.

Who we’ve worked with

Who we’ve worked with

As well as our work with High Performance Sport New Zealand, Sport New Zealand, and New Zealand Rugby, Crowd Reader is also used to measure people’s engagement in community issues.

Off the field, we’ve worked with numerous government agencies, media organisations, insurance companies and more to provide an impartial perspective of public sentiment.

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What our customers are saying

“Crowd Reader lets us get real-time insight from New Zealanders participating in their chosen sport. This means we can make customer-centric, informed decisions that improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. It’s great to be able to use this powerful and easy-to-use AI technology to drive really deep conversations with our customers.”

Hamish McEwen, Manager Intelligence Team

Sport New Zealand

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