Crowd Reader uses the latest AI technologies to measure fan, audience, and player engagement. Crowd Reader has been developed since 2014 and is used extensively by the sporting industry in NZ.

Innovators in the sporting sector have used Crowd Reader to:

Grow sports participation

Sports entities are competing with an ever-increasing number of sports for participants, fans, volunteers, and media attention.  Text Ferret allows sporting entities the opportunity to measure, in realtime, what growth efforts are getting traction relative to their competition.

Contribute positively to society

Sporting entities want to quantify the impacts that sport has on societal outcomes e.g. health and wellbeing, education, justice.  This is difficult to quantify. Text Ferret makes it possible to know what sports coverage leads to both engagement and participation – this is key to investing in the right strategies that drive long term benefits to society.

Here's an example from a leading sport in New Zealand:

Text Ferret assesses in realtime the topics, sentiment, and emotional intensity of topics being covered in traditional and social media.  This can be analysed for specific sports and at the wider cross-sports level. 


Monitor and adjust PR activities based on the level of comment, sentiment, and emotional intensity.

"The Text Ferret (Crowd Reader) product lets us get real time insight from New Zealanders participating in their chosen sport. This means we can make customer centric informed decisions that improve the health and wellbeing of NZers. It’s great to be able to use Text Ferret’s (Crowd Reader's) powerful and easy to use AI technology to drive really deep conversations with our customers."

HAMISH MCEWEN, Manager Intelligence Team, Sport New Zealand

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