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Here's an example from a NZ government agency:

Crowd Reader determined the topics, sentiment, and emotional intensity of what kiwi children had to say about their lives.  Here is what Crowd Reader discovered:


By really understanding what children themselves had to say it was possible for the NZ government to focus attention on what really matters.  This insight was briefed directly to the prime minister - powerful stuff!

"Crowd Reader allowed us to quickly and easily analyse thousands of responses from our research on "what makes a good life" for our New Zealand tamariki.  This was a huge boost to our project as we were able to represent to our government the actual voice of our children - powerful stuff!  Now we are able to monitor the effectiveness of government policy in shifting the dial for the lives of our next generation - there is nothing more important!". 

DONNA PROVOOST, Director, Strategy, Rights and Advice, Office of the Children's Commissioner


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