“It’s hard to believe it's Xmas time already"...

...well that’s the biggest cliché that is heard this time of year – but it is true nonetheless!

It’s often healthy taking a step back and reassessing, remembering what things were like 12 months ago, how things have morphed, changed, got bent-out-of-shape over the last year.

Remembering that this is the most recent year of our life, this is what our life is - the chances are the next 12 months will likely be a close rendition of the previous 12 months – does that enthral you or scare you? Hopefully a bit of both, as it is that mix of comfort and uncertainty that makes up the adventure of life.

What do you want to change next year? I’m not meaning some quickly forgotten new year’s resolution, I’m meaning how well has your life been lived last year? What changes could you make to increase the level living in your life? After all, that’s what really matters.

This is all getting a bit introspective, but this forms the basis of the values we foster at Text Ferret – living a life well lived.

For us it’s been a massive year. A year to step forward with a stride of confidence, belief in the contribution we can make to the world, the bite of reality that things do take longer than anticipated, and the reward that reignites the drive as customers’ eyes light up at being able to achieve something that was only a pipe dream days before. This is what it is all about. We’ve had a huge year of change, new team members, doors opening, doors closing, and the way things are looking we’re only just starting!

The people of Text Ferret are often downplayed when you are communicating a software solution but even in the software game it all comes back to people. We’ve got a fantastic team who get the vision and have fun working together to make sure we are all living a life well lived.

We’ve got Mary Lim in marketing, who’s creative views and ability to stick with the tough tasks is making a real dent in getting Text Ferret out there.

Nick Hearn joined us in May this year and has had a huge impact on our business development but even more impact on how we do things.

Brian Bull our technical rock is never phased even when tasked with delivering a new feature that is “standard”.

Then there’s the software development guys, Chris, David, Kelsey – all delivering the solution with a smile.

Michelle Barnes recently joined as our customer success specialist – making sure our customers are getting all they can from our software.

A big thanks to all of you as this is fluid time, a time of opportunity, timing, building that internal cohesion that gets reflected in what Text Ferret is every day.

This year has seen more customers use Text Ferret than ever before, this is a massive outcome and one for which we are truly grateful. So, thank you to our customers. You know who you are. You are the innovators, those who want the future now and are prepared to embark on the adventure to get there, the raving fans who are telling the Text Ferret story for us, the people who start out as customers but quickly become friends. It’s been great. We’re looking forward to doing 2020 with you!

Let’s enjoy the Christmas season, the time to take a breath, spend time with the people who really matter, enjoy the nature we are lucky to be surrounded by, and generally live life as we are meant to!

Merry Christmas to you all!