Alignment on meaning and purpose ensures life is all it can be – life for us as Text Ferreters and for our customers.

After all, we all have a life to lead and we owe it to ourselves to lead a full and overflowing one. Living a life in such a way is living in abundance. The team here at Text Ferret try and take this one step further and live and operate with the mindset and purpose to create generous abundance. We have a bent for extracting insights from tough unstructured data, and it just so happens we are very good at what we do. But, when all is said and done, we are not fulfilled unless we are delivering generous abundance to our team and our customers.

So, what does this generous abundance look like?

Abundance takes many forms, but at the core, it is the opportunity to live a life well lived. Most associate abundance with financial security, and while this is important, our ethos is that our financial health is simply an outcome of being truly abundant in all other areas. Take for example the Text Ferret mantra of “no one left behind” – for all of our staff we are committed to walking with them on their own journey, if challenges are experienced, instead of “working a person out of Text Ferret” we aim to invest in our people to help them be all that they can be. This is about being abundant in an authentic way and providing an environment where we can be honest and constructive to give each of us better life outcomes.

We are lucky to be working at the forefront of tech innovation. This responsibility we take seriously as the way we operate, and the abundance we create, can have a lasting impact on our families and our communities. One area where we see this innovation play out is with respect to the career advice many of our young people are receiving. It is understandable that career opportunities are developing at lightening pace and we have noticed that largely the career advice given in schools is lagging well behind. In response to this Text Ferret has set up our own student internship programme and is seeking to provide a “possibility catalyst” to secondary school students on where high tech careers can take them. We are proud of the work that our current intern is doing. He is highly talented and living proof that abundance can be created for our next generation. We get a real buzz out of this.

Our customers are our life blood. We are all about sharing our abundance ethos with all of our clients and it is this synergy of abundance that means that the success of both of us is an intimate co-dependence. This circle of abundance sees our clients and us continue to ride the wheel of generous abundance! Which brings us full circle back to why we are here.

What does generous abundance look like for you?