Our Team

Isaac Wilson

Isaac’s the guy who’s worked in insights for longer than he’d care to remember. Extracting insights from open ended data was a massive challenge he faced in his day-job 5 years ago. Developing a way to automate the mind-numbing reading of free text data is what spurred him on to find an innovative approach that gives powerful insights accurately and fast.

Brian Bull

Brian can think of nothing better than to figure out how to solve any life problem with some math and stats. He’s the guy you want on your shoulder as you push the boundaries and he’s been instrumental in taking the elbow grease out of open ended data analytics using the latest NLP and AI techniques.

Nick Hearn

Crowd Reader essentially sells itself but we still need someone to sign off the contracts. Nick is passionate about getting the best for our customers. Nick brings years of experience working at all levels to make software deliver tangible outcomes.

Mary Lim

Mary is who you’d want when you’ve got to take your story on the road and show the world what you’ve got. Without her we wouldn’t be speaking to you today.

Software Engineer
Chris Herrmann

Chris has turned an advanced AI process into a beautiful piece of software. This is no mean feat and allows our users the ability to easily interact with their data and generate evidence-based insights that show the lineage of each insight back into the source data.